Guidewire Developer

Columbus, OH, USA


Columbus, OH client with a Guidewire Developer. This person will write accurate and efficient Guidewire Suite program code, update and expand existing programs, debug existing programs, and test Guidewire Suite software with both manual and automated unit test approaches. Key contributions in this role include:
  • Proficient in Guidewire Suite application development for more than one technology.
  • Full Guidewire Suite development knowledge; familiar with all stages of development.
  • Analyzes existing logic to determine the best method of accomplishing required changes or cause of program malfunction.
  • Performs maintenance and modification of Guidewire Suite currently in production to ensure responsiveness to user needs and to assure efficient operation in the production environment.
  • Error handling/code exception management.
  • Designs Guidewire Suite program logic to meet specifications and to adhere to development and architecture standards.
  • Prepares test data and thoroughly tests code leveraging automated unit test framework (when possible).
  • Analyzes production programs to isolate problems or to determine more efficient methods.
  • Documents and maintains Guidewire Suite program specifications according to Grange standards.
  • Fulfills administrative reporting requirements.
  Qualifications include:
  • Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in Information Technology or equivalent in Computer Science, MIS, Engineering, or similar degree.
  • 1 to 3 years of prior experience with Guidewire Suite
  • Demonstrated ability to influence peer group.
  • Shows basic business knowledge for a single business discipline/function.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in learning and using multiple development languages.
  • Excellent organization skills, with proven analytical, planning, problem-solving, and decision making skills.

Franklin County, United States, Columbus, Ohio